Martial Arts North York

Evoke Martial Arts North York Classes for Adult Men and Women:
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Whether you’re in great shape, out of shape, young or old, male or female, our goal is to help you achieve your best by creating a safe, fun, and supportive environment that inspires personal achievement and success. We have beginners (never done any type of exercise at all) to high level athelets and black belts at our Martial Arts North York school.

We also believe that the benefits of martial arts reach far beyond pragmatic norms of self defense and fighting. We embrace a progressive and street-smart approach to self protection while honoring traditional values such as humility, kindness, self-control, compassion, and respect.

While offering a solid foundation in the martial arts, unlike many martial arts North York schools, we carefully organize your lessons to be results-driven and beginner-friendly. Every class offers an amazing workout, with fresh routines (so you never get bored), and a here-to-there approach in your training. The commaraderie of the school is also something we get lots of complements for. Our goal is to offer you the best possible experience at the school. Scroll down to learn more about our Martial Arts North York school. You’ll love what we do!
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[one_half_first][h2 style=”first-word”]North York Beginner Muay Thai Classes:[/h2]
These North York Muay Thai classes offer a safe, non-violent, and fresh approach to one of the world’s hottest combat sports and a unique blend of cutting-edge fitness. Muay Thai, not to be confused with cardio kickboxing, is also one of the world’s most sought martial arts for “ring-ready” fitness and a chiseled rock-body.

Our classes are beginner friendly; offer technical skill development, self defense combat applications, and a well-structured progressive rank system. adults of all ages and fitness levels are thrilled by the program – not to mention the amazing workout you get in each class.

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[one_half][h2 style=”first-word”]North York Self Defense Classes:[/h2]
We understand that most adults who enroll at our martial arts North York school are not looking to becoming mma fighters. Adults want a rewarding experience that tests their physical and mental boundaries while gaining self-defense skills and getting an awesome workout.

Our beginner classes are empowering, rewarding, well structured, tons of fun, and definitely beats going to a gym. Discover a well rounded martial arts system with a beautiful symphony of strikes, ground submissions, dynamic kicks, sneaky joint locks, with effortless throws and takedowns.

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[one_half_first][h2 style=”first-word”]North York Fitness Kickboxing Classes:[/h2]
It’s not the aerobic kickboxing class we’ve all seen at the gym; it is the real deal for getting in amazing shape, and our members love the results they see. Using innovative cross-fit circuit drills and kick boxing moves on a punching bag, the classes provide the most exciting, up-beat calorie burning workout for your time.

We believe it’s better to get fewer things right, than trying to be all things sub-par! That’s why we’ve commited our efforts into making our Toronto Leaside Fitness Kickboxing classes functional, result-driven, beginner friendly, and tons of fun. It’s the last overall workout you’ll ever need.

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