Adult Classes

martial arts for adults Toronto

[h2 style=”first-word”]Martial Arts and Self Defence Classes[/h2]
Discover a well rounded mixed martial arts system with a beautiful symphony of strikes, ground submissions, dynamic kicks, sneaky joint locks, with effortless throws and takedowns. These Toronto Martial Arts classes teaches all that and more.

We recognize that Martial Arts for adults Toronto cannot be only for adults looking to becoming MMA Fighters, but for anyone who wants a rewarding and exciting experience that tests their physical and mental boundaries while gaining self-defence skills and enjoying an amazing workout.

Our school offers daily beginner classes which provide a fun constructive activity that is empowering, rewarding, well structured, tons of fun, and definitely beats going to a gym.

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Kick boxing Toronto

[h2 style=”first-word”]Toronto Kick boxing Classes[/h2]
It’s not the aerobic kick boxing class we’ve all seen at the gym; it is the real deal for getting in amazing shape, and our members love the results they see.

Using innovative cross-fit circuit drills and kick boxing moves on a punching bag, the classes provide the most exciting, up-beat calorie burning workout for your time. We believe it’s better to get fewer things right, than trying to be all things sub-par!

That’s why we’ve committed our efforts into making our Toronto Leaside Fitness Kickboxing classes functional, result-driven, beginner friendly, and tons of fun. It’s the last overall workout you’ll ever need.

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Toronto muay thai gym

[h2 style=”first-word”]Beginner Muay Thai Classes in Toronto[/h2]
These Toronto Kru Muay Thai classes offer a safe, non-violent, and fresh approach to one of the world’s hottest combat sports and a unique blend of cutting-edge fitness.

Muay Thai, not to be confused with cardio kickboxing, is also one of the world’s most sought martial arts for “ring-ready” fitness and a chiseled rock-body.

Our classes are beginner friendly; offer technical skill development, self defense combat applications, and a well-structured progressive rank system. adults of all ages and fitness levels are thrilled by the program – not to mention the amazing workout you get in each class.

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Toronto morning bootcamp sessions

[h2 style=”first-word”]Morning Bootcamp Sessions[/h2]
If your mornings are open, and losing weight or getting in great shape is top of your resolutions list.. then you too can join others who are burning off the fat with our Toronto Kickboxing Morning Bootcamps. It’s a fast, fun, and fresh way to get in amazing shape without the common challenges of trying to stay motivated with gym workouts or an expensive personal trainer.

And no! Our classes are not violent or intimidating. We offer a non-contact kickboxing bootcamp workout where the only feeling of “getting hit” is from the tons of fat you’re sweating off in every class. You’ll love what we do!